Who is the Chelsea manager — Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte is the manager of Chelsea, who are part of the Premier League. Conte will turn 48 years old this summer. From Leece, Italy, the manager was a Central Midfielder during the mid 80s for Lecce and then from 1991-2004 for Juventus. Conte played on the Italian National Team from 1994-2000, playing in 20 appearances, and scoring 2 goals. Since 2006, Conte has been the manager of 7 clubs. He started with Arezzo, before moving to Bari, Atalanta, Siena, Juventus, and Italy. Conte was hired as the manager of Chelsea in 2016.

As a player, Conte was considered as one of the most important midfielders in Italian soccer history. Known for a quick, combative style of play, Conte could play anywhere on the field. He was not known as the most skilled player, his hard work, smart play, and leadership was unmatched. Conte scored some great goals in his career, with his ability to strike from a great distance. Unfortunately, Conte also was marred by injuries during his playing career.

When he gave up his playing career, he was hired as an assistant manager for Siena. His head coach at that time was Luigi De Canio. In July of 2006, he was hired as Serie B Arezzo’s coach, but then fired in October 2006. Ironically, he was reinstated as the head coach for Arezzo in March of 2007, he helped guide the team to five straight wins. Later, in December of 2007, he was appointed to replace Giuseppe Materazzi as the head guy for Bari. Just like most head coaches, and managers, he was later let go there as well.

After several other stops, we move to April of 2016, where he was given a three year contract to become the new first team head coach of Chelsea. His team started with a 2-1 win over West Ham United. Conte’s team won 11 straight games until a loss on January 4th of 2017 to Tottenham. A week later, Conte was the first manager to win three straight Manager of the Month awards.

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Now back to Conte… There has been some controversy involving Conte as a manager, but overall, he has been a great leader, and his teams have loved playing for him. Leonardo Bonucci gave him some high praise several years ago for his role in motivating the players and creativing a great atmosphere. Conte is known for giving some great pre game speeches that always have his players ready to go.

Conte is known for his 3-5-2 formation with two wingbacks. His teams are always looked at for their versatility and ability to change often during a game. Personally, Conte is married to his wife Elisabetta, and they have a daughter Vittoria. The couple was together 15 years before getting married in June of 2013. His overall managerial record is 214-91-63, which is a 58% clip. Conte will go down as a very good player, and a solid manager in the game of soccer. This is a guy most player love to play for, and will go down as a household name for Team Italy, with 20 goals in 5 seasons.

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11th September 2019

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