Top 4 Sports Betting Wins

If you want to bet on sports, you have to know sports. Some luck is needed but skill is required in the long run especially with super league betting. As you’ll see in this article, there is luck involved but most bets included a lot of analysis and ideation. Here are Top 4 wins:

4. A Long Run
Richard Hopkins saw Hamilton racing go-carts against his son. Hamilton was 13-years-old at the moment. So, Richard bet £200 bet that Hamilton is going to win the Formula 1 Grand Prix by his 23rd birthday, £100 that he will win the World Championship by his 25th birthday and a £50 bet that both will occur. In 2008, Hamilton won the World Championship and Richard £165,000.

3. Another Long Run
To the extent that Hopkins fell in love with Hamilton’s talent, Nick Newlife fell in love with Federer’s art of tennis. After the Wimbledon 2003, Nick placed a bet of £1,520 stating Federer will win at least six more Wimbledon titles by 2019. In 2012, he received £101,840. Sadly, Nick passed away in 2008 but he left his slip to the Oxfam charity.

2. Sheer Luck
Fred Craggs is the lucky one on this list. For his 60th birthday, Fred created an accumulator bet out of 8 horses with ambitious names and bad odds. He staked 50 pence and got a 2 million odd. Soon, Fred was £1 million richer.

1. The Best of the Best
Bill Walters is one of the biggest gamblers the world has ever seen. As Bill puts it, bettors need to analyze data, understand the risks and profits and only after that, place the bets. His most daring bet took place during a Super Bowl 2010. The New Orleans’ Saints were seen as the underdogs against the Indianapolis Colts. Walter did the math and found that data points to New Orleans as the potential winner. So, he waged a $3.5 million on New Orleans.

There are just some of the best wins in betting. Please share your stories with us in the comments.

By Rob 17th December 2019

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