Tips To Make Your Smartphone Last Longer In Gaming

Nowadays, a mobile phone is more than just a device to a make a call or to send a text message. Gone are days when all you need for a phone is its call and text features and you are good to go already. Today, smartphones can do that and more–it can have you surf the web, do office tasks, and even use it as your own mini-game console of sorts.

Smartphones can be sued for gamers, no matter the level or the type of gamer you are. If you are a hardcore mobile gamer, there is a phone made just for you. On the other hand, if you are a casual player who is only into small games and maybe you are just into online betting, most mid-range smartphones are more than enough for you. If you are into online sports betting, you would normally look for the ones with the most enticing offer. You can check out BetItOn’s odds and offers to see how it can be the one for you and if you want, eventually sign up.

With all the heavy and extensive tasks smartphones carry nowadays, some people notice that their devices run out of power faster than they expect or sometimes, even faster than they need it to. However, is that the end of it all? You may not be able to change the battery capacity of your device, but you can at least do something to help prolong the life of your battery and have longer power overall.

Restrict background usage of apps

A lot of people complain that their phone’s battery drains too fast, despite them not doing anything that should be power-exhaustive at all. Supposedly, a phone would not use too much power if you only use it for quick phone calls or occasional chatting. However, there might be apps running in the background that are using more battery power than what you are actually doing.

Check your device’s setting and if available, choose to restrict apps running in the background. This means that your device would automatically kill any app activity if it detects that the app has been idle and not been active for a certain period of time. This would prevent apps that show notifications and keep on running in the background and making unnecessary power consumption.

Lower the brightness of your screen

If you need to use your phone in an outside environment especially in a sunny day, you would most likely need to raise the brightness a bit. However, if you are indoors and you do not require full brightness, consider lowering it. Screen usage is one of the biggest factors that can affect how much power your phone can consume, and the brightness level is in turn one of the things that can make it consume more power.

Do not charge while playing

Contrary to popular belief, using the phone while it is charging would not make your phone explode of inflate your battery. Rather, what it would do is to continue to use power while the battery attempts to refill power. When that happens, the battery would have a hard time refilling power and as a result, you would get a slower charging time and it could eventually affect the charging speed of your mobile device.

Before you go

The power of your smartphone is not always about just how much capacity your battery has. Most of the time, the way you use your smartphone has a lot to do with how long or how short its juice can last you for. So, make sure your phone is not wasting much-needed energy and always see to it that it is perfectly optimized.

By Rob 23rd September 2020

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