Tech opportunities in building sports betting and iGaming solutions

The rise of legalised sports betting across the US and UK feels like a championship race. Predictions that over 70% of all states will allow sports wagering and mobile gaming by 2024 illustrates the possibility of having access to mobile gambling and betting on events within the next few years.  

It’s an exciting time in the software industry, as startups and major software companies compete against each other to build the most effective, robust solution to secure a spot in the esports and iGaming market. As opportunities grow, so do challenges regarding technology improvements and installations. These are the fields that represent a challenge and a starting point when it comes to developing better betting software solutions:

Payment systems

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of betting on your favourite team and watching them win the game. However, as you start to plan where you’ll spend your winnings, the last thing you want is to be stuck waiting to collect your prize. Generally, the lag between the winnings and payouts often annoys players and providers, interfering with the possibilities for developing loyal, reliable relationships with clients.

The instant access to winnings in sports betting and gaming has changed the reputation of the industry, making it the biggest trend in payment software development. Payment solutions like loyalty cards can be integrated into merchant rewards and giveaways, as a feature to enhance the experience and creativity. Here are the potential partnerships developing between wagering companies, restaurants or retail outlets to encourage customers to spend money from their cards.

Cybersecurity and Fraud detection

As the betting and gaming market grows, so does the potential for frauds and data attacks. Few of the concerns are bonus abusers and money launderers who attempt to involve themselves in legalised sports betting with illegitimate intentions. The advanced algorithms that sportsbooks use can potentially be exploited by hackers who tried to manipulate the codes for their purposes temporarily. Therefore, this vulnerability to attacks must be carefully considered by software developers to reduce the chances for this type of attack to happen.

Hacked players’ accounts are another point of concern, as messages and emails about fake bonus offers or trades carry the risk of allowing hackers to manipulate the bets of legitimate players. Here’s the role of social media that spreads the news with the speed of light, no matter if they’re right or fake.

One of the many challenges that face betting operators in the US is finding methods to keep players away from the black offshore market. Gaming websites and affiliates like SlotsWise have their utmost attention regarding these market challenges, wanting to ensure users in their transparent approach towards safe gaming processes. If betting providers fail to provide better conditions regarding data safety and payment encryption, many players will decide to keep visiting and wagering on the black market. Furthermore, operators must ensure a high level of security and data protection of all user-related data and use legitimate, white-hat methods for betting placements.

Some of the responsibilities for maintaining online safety and integrity lies with governing organisations and companies. However, security tech solutions are an essential piece of the puzzle to ensure fair and safe gameplay.


You can develop the most robust online betting and gaming platform, but if it’s confusing to use, your chances of success will be relatively low. As users, we expect websites and apps to be intuitive and easy to navigate, and if we encounter any difficulties, we’ll most likely move on to another option. Therefore, it is essential to develop an ideal user experience to gain loyalty. Some of the primary key features that create successful UX are intuitive design, data security integrations without being overly complicated, clear payout options etc.

The future of iGaming and sports betting could not be brighter. With the technology being the centre of it, developers who create innovative, engaging platforms and implement features such as AI and machine learning algorithms will be the ones who take the big prize.

By Rob 9th October 2020

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