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When it comes to entertainment, there are many options to choose from regarding it. You may want to explore a more physical possibility, but the worldwide pandemic is still ongoing. Here in the Kingdom of Sweden, we are laxer compared to other countries. The United States government even commended this move, saying that it might be more effective than a total lockdown. However, as cases are increasing these days, the Swedish government is changing its tune regarding this concern.

More people are potentially staying at home for the holidays, which is saddening for many players. There are still a lot of people who prefer to play with others in an enclosed environment. With the restrictions becoming stricter every day, it might not be a possibility anymore until next year as you may read here. For this reason, it might be better to transition to online options as you will have more freedom accessing them. It is better and, as you will see further below, safer for your enjoyment.

Laws Covering Casinos

However, one of the more pressing concerns when playing games these days is the restrictions themselves. It is not referring to the pandemic, but the rules put in place by the Swedish authorities. There are so many of them that it has made a lot of players stress about this activity. It is supposed to keep them in check, but some are trying to get away from it.

If you want to play casino games, there are many options to explore online. However, there are a few Sweden-based casinos that do not have the license. Even though it is still legal to operate without it, its hindrances are not worth it. You would have limited access to the banks, fewer players and games, and you will not have the authorities’ support if anything adverse happens. It is the reason why many Swedish players are getting bored with it.

Another negative aspect that we see in these restrictions is the rewards system. For one, the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate has limited the bonuses that casinos can give. Every player will only receive a maximum of SEK 100 for newer players. If you are playing at a non-licensed establishment, it is usually so much higher due to lack of restrictions. In turn, many people are choosing to go overseas for their options to play more games. 

Gaming Breaks

Perhaps the most crucial change that these rules have introduced is the game break system. It is essentially a program that aims for self-regulation for gambling activities. This program is excellent for people who may have some trouble with gambling addiction as it helps them control it. You can choose the duration of the break, from one, three, and six months. You can also opt for the indefinite time, which has a minimum of twelve months until you decide to return.

One of the main functions of the said rule is you cannot cancel it in advance. Once it is already in place, you cannot return to gambling until the game break is over. It is excellent for those who are recovering from addiction but detrimental to casual players. There are times wherein you want to play, but the break hinders you from doing it. Here is where the non-licensed options come in, and you might want to explore them.

As we have said before, casinos without licenses are not new. However, only a few Swedish ones are remaining due to the restrictions. Entering a casino online utan spelpaus is not easy either, since you do need to go international for that purpose. If you are in the middle of a break and need to have your fix, it is time to explore the other side of the casino world. Going international is your go-to option, but there are local ones that you may like as well. 

The Legalities Of Playing

We have also mentioned that it is not illegal to enter these establishments. However, we also need to clear up some misconceptions regarding these online casinos. One of the significant confusions involved in it is the risk of a security breach. Most people believe that you will end up in a scam or victim of fraud if you go to places without a license. There are bases for this kind of belief, as is the case for many other institutions across the World Wide Web.

However, it is different for casinos, as trust is a part of their service. Most of these establishments would make security their ultimate priority because of their players. These people are the lifeline of the business; there are many of them in society’s higher portions. Their identities are as valuable as the money they use to gamble, and they must protect it.

Meanwhile, banking is not an issue with these online casinos as well. Most of them require you to have an international bank account, though, as the regulations cover Swedish banks. Most non-licensed casinos in Sweden have some difficulty in letting their players use the local banking system. If you are going to go for international options, though, there are several avenues you can take.

Lastly, you can still enjoy playing any casino game you want. For example, you may want to experience VIP treatment because you can pay more. With the Swedish licensing program, most online casinos have abolished this because they do not need it anymore. It promotes equality amongst players, which is excellent for those who are just playing casually. However, the more serious ones may not see this as an advantage. 

Playing in the middle of a break can still be risky for some people since it promotes loss of control. Authorities put these regulations in place to mitigate gambling addiction. It was somewhat problematic for the past few years, and the licensing helped with it. Nevertheless, there are times when we cannot just allow ourselves to go back to the games we love. Control comes in time, but enjoyment may not last that long. 

By Rob 15th December 2020

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