Premier League Managers – Who Is the Next to Get Sacked?

For a professional football club to be effective, it requires a manager. The core responsibility of a football manager is to anchor the team and hold it together.  Football managers are responsible for the selection and formation of a team of players. Asides from managing the team, it is the job of football managers to instruct the players on the team.

On What Basis Can a Premier League Manager Be Sacked?

Beyond the entertainment that the Premier League provides, modern football is a major form of business. The English clubs are owned by elites and top businessmen in England. They expect the managers to yield results and make progress. Here are some reasons that can get a premier league manager sacked:

  • Inability to meet targets

When a football manager is appointed, there is a contract to be signed. This contract contains the targets the manager has to meet and it is often signed alongside the board directors. When the team underperforms in a season, the football manager is likely to get sacked.

  • Failure to be in the top division

The goal of every football manager is to ensure that the club tops the Premier League table. Failure to do so may lead to relegation, a horror story that must be avoided. Also, when it happens that the club is ineligible for championships frequently, the manager may be sacked.

An Overview of Club Performances In the Premier League

It has been a hot season for the English clubs in this Premier League. All clubs have put their best formation forward, but some teams do come harder. This list comprises the top 10 clubs and the statistics of their wins.

  1. Man City – 18
  2. Liverpool – 14
  3. Chelsea – 13
  4. Arsenal – 11
  5. Man Utd – 11
  6. Tottenham – 11
  7. West Ham – 11
  8. Wolves – 10
  9. Aston Villa – 8
  10. Leicester – 7

This statistic on new online casinos Canada shows that Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham, and West Ham have the same wins but occupy the fourth position on the table. However, they are arranged in that sequence based on goals, losses and clean sheets.

Who Is the Next to Get Sacked By a Premier League Club?

The Premier League this season is one that has taken a different turn from what has been obtainable. With many clubs struggling to get their footing, we have seen the sacking of some coaches. For many, it was surprising to see that Everton had to let go of Rafa Benitez.

Rafa Benitez who was brought in to replace the seemingly “underperforming” Carlo Ancelotti felt short of the team’s expectations and his managerial portfolio. He was thought to be the choicest candidate to take Everton from where they used to be under Ancelotti to where they should be on the table considering their spending spree in the summer. However, to everyone’s surprise, Rafa fell short of that in several ways.

Then, we had Ole Gunnar of Solksjear of Manchester United who after a long run of losses was forced out of the club by the board. After several defeats, especially the humiliating one that came from Liverpool, the management were forced to bring in a new hand. After careful consideration, a mutual agreement was reached to have Ole sacked and Ralf Ragnick was appointed on a temporary basis to steer the affairs of the club till a substantial coach is appointed.

According to statistics, Sean Dyche of Burnley heads the market of Premier League managers to be sacked. With his side sitting bottom of the table, he is now 10/3 to be the next Premier League to leave. According to the bookmakers’ odds, Sean Dyche tops the table with a 23% chance of being sacked. In addition, Sky Bet odds  Dyche on a 5/1 odds to be sent packing.

If Dyche fails to get his team and tactics together in the next run of games, the club will be left with no other option than to let him go. After then, they’d need to get a replacement to get them out of the relegation zone back to winning ways.

Before Dyche, Xisco Munoz and Steve Bruce of Watford and Newcastle were sent packing in October. The month of November saw Espirito of Tottenham, Farke of Norwich City and Smith of Aston Villa were axed in November. Based on Sky Bet odds, these statistics show other managers likely to leave the Premier League:

  • Brendan Rodgers, Leicester city
  • Dean Smith, Norwich City
  • Eddie Howe, Newcastle United F.C.
  • Marcelo Bielsa, Leeds United
  • Roy Hodgson, Watford
  • Ralf Rangnick, Man Utd
  • Ralph Hasenhuttl, Southampton
  • Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea
  • Antonio Conte, Tottenham Spur
  • Mikel Arteta, Arsenal

Although, the Burnley manager still has several games to still try and salvage the Clarets’ place in the Premier League. With those games, it is just a start for a club trying to move forward.

There is also a possibility that we won’t see another manager sacked in the Premier League this term. But according to the tables, Dyche is the next to get sacked, following the deposition of Watford’s Ranieri.

By Rob 31st January 2022

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