Playing Monopoly Online: The Best Sites

We’ve all played it and we all love – or hate – it. Pushing your little dog, hat or boat across the board as greedily and murderously as possible is part of everyone’s memories, even if the nickname monotony wasn’t far off at times. It’s interesting that the original game, designed by Elizabeth Magic, was actually meant to warn of the dangers of capitalism – not encourage it.

Monopoly remains the best-selling privately patented board game ever made – Parker Brothers published a version of the game designed by Charles Darrow and printed on a tablecloth at the height of the US Depression in the 1930s. There are special sets commemorating cultural icons from Doctor Who to Pokemon. Metallica have their own version and there are Star Wars and Star Trek versions to enjoy. You can even build your own board using discarded playing cards.

This popular game is now played in 114 countries and 47 different languages, making it a truly global phenomenon. Of course, the characteristics and other features change depending on the country, but the basic gameplay remains the same.

Did you know?

You can play Monopoly online these days on this Monopoly Live Website. You probably remember the game from your childhood. Played on the board back then, you can now play it online on your computer or smartphone. We will show you the best sites for this.

Alternative to websites: The original app from Hasbro

You can download a Monopoly app from the ” Hasbro ” site. If you don’t want to play alone against the computer, the multiplayer mode is open to you. You can compete in online games against other Monopoly fans or play private rounds against your friends. In addition, you can also challenge family members or friends to a game in offline mode.

The lively game board in 3D design is also convincing. The app is available for both iOS and Android via the respective app store. If you click “Download” you will be directed there.

One downside is that the apps aren’t free, unfortunately.

Monopoly Slots: Object of the game and tips

As you have probably already noticed from the rules, the aim of Monopoly is to accumulate as much property as possible and thus increase income.  You can do this even more so by gambling on Live Monopoly UK Casinos. These casinos offer Monopoly themed slots games that are fun and can lead to great prizes. And as with all Monopoly games, whoever runs out of money first is eliminated, so strategy should focus on what is most profitable.

Here’s a useful tip for playing and winning:

If possible, buy the orange streets. They’re not far from the prison. The chance that an inmate will end up on a street of that color after release is high.

See that they acquire all streets of one color. Only then can you build and increase your income.

When you build, populate the streets with three or four houses each. Avoid hotels. In Monopoly there are only 32 houses in total: if these are on your streets, your opponents can no longer build them. However, if you build a hotel, you have to give up your houses and the opponents can build with them.

By Rob 9th May 2022

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