Nets On NBA Dominance; Irving, Durant, Harden Takes Responsibility

Like any other sporting event, every NBA team needs to do their best to earn the coveted championship title. As the newest NBA league started last December, each group is now making the best player buzz and rumors about how they stand in their respective conference.

If you are looking for a team who wanted to accomplish an unfinished business last season, the Brooklyn Nets are no longer beating around the bush. Last year, they entered into the play-ins despite the absence of their key players. But, their hard work was for naught when the Toronto Raptors left them scoreless in the first round of the postseason.

Today, the Nets made an impressive debut in the First-Half, earning the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference as seen in top bookies like They successfully redeemed themselves after being too upset in the last season? Can the Nets sustain an impressive momentum to inch a step closer to the 2020-21 NBA title? Here are some advice to take heed. 

Player’s Extolled Chemistry 

One of the most intangible attitudes that an NBA team should have is the player chemistry. Teamwork and perseverance is the key to winning the game. Last year, the Clippers had an All-Star line-up but failed to win the Conference Finals slate because they lacked chemistry. This is what Brooklyn Nets has to take advantage of as they now have the best men in the court. 

Durant, Irving, and Harden are starting the line-up of the Nets this season. Despite their absence in the last season, Durant averages 27.1 points per game while Irving is at 22.6 points per game. Now that Harden joined them, these three players got an extolled chemistry in the court, which will bring them to victory. 

Durant And Irving Redemption 

One reason why the Brooklyn Nets got a hard time nailing last year’s season was the absence of their star players. Kevin Durant, who was at his best last season, had to undergo medication. He got exposed to COVID-19 and had to take medication. He got isolated and sent to quarantine to fully recover, which he already did. 

On the other hand, Kyrie Irving also left the Nets last year after getting a shoulder operation. He got injured in the preseason, which led him to decide to seek medical attention to recover. Now that these two players are back with the Nets, it seems that they are now bringing a new story of redemption. So far, they’re scoring statistics are looking great. 

James Harden Is A Great Addition

The 2018 NBA Most Valuable Player signed a trade contract with the Brooklyn Nets in the last draft leaving the Houston Rockets. Harden has stayed with Houston for eight years and had to bid goodbye to work with the Irving-Durant tandem. Apart from his MVP recognition, he was also an 8th time  NBA All-Star and sixth time All-NBA First Team. 

With Harden’s addition to the Nets, Irving and Durant’s shooting skills are more sensible. His playmaking ability will make great connections with the key players, and other teams should have a hard time coping with him. Working for the Nets today, Harden averages 24.5 points per game. 

Unstoppable Offense 

The offensive department of the Brooklyn Nets this year is quite surreal looking into the current line-up. Durant and Irving are expected to make offensive explosions, but it is now unstoppable with Harden’s help. These three players will surely play like pros, and every team might see this as unfair, which must be the Nets’ greatest weapon. 

While Durant, Curry, and Thompson had done this before while in the Warriors, the Nets are looking to mimic that as they successfully traded Kevin. Another thing that makes the offensive department explosive is DeAndre Jordan anchoring the defense. 

Eastern Conference Domination

With the Lakers presently earning the  NBA title, the Western Conference had dominated much of the NBA league. Although the East has improved with superstar players like Butler, Antetokounmpo, and Leonard, this is not enough domination. But, with Brooklyn Nets’ resurgence along with the Celtics and Heat, Eastern Conference will make its way to the NBA. 

After James Harden decides to join the Nets, they are now the top favorites to win the Eastside. If Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving can showcase consistent plays on their way to the postseason, it would be the best year for the Nets. 


The Brooklyn Nets will have the toughest road to take in the NBA, especially in the First-Half. It was the main reason they had to lock-in James Harden joining Irving and Durant in the team. By far, they got the best man to tap, and the games waiting for them wouldn’t be a problem. Can the Nets make the right holes to captivate their rivals and end up victorious? Let’s wait and see. 

By Rob 3rd February 2021

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