Is Manchester City’s $26.5M Acquisition of Danilo da Silva Worth It?

Manchester City has just successfully signed Danilo da Silva into the team. Danilo’s acquisition reportedly amounts to a whopping £26.5 million. This is considered as one of the most anticipated transfers this year as it has previously been rumored that Danilo is considering a number of teams wherein he might transfer.

Now, the dice has been cast, and Manchester City is the Brazilian player’s new team for the next five years. The 26-year-old player is currently adjusting to his new teammates as they’re preparing for a U.S. tour to seal the official deal with the team’s management.

As of now, Danilo is still following up his medical papers to make him officially eligible to play in the Premier League. Though there is no doubt that he will pass the medical examinations, it still is necessary as it is a protocol for every player who has transferred to a new team.

How Does Manchester City See Danilo?

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, wholeheartedly welcomes Danilo to the team. Guardiola sees the former Real Madrid player as a versatile athlete that can take on different roles in the field.

This is exactly what the City wants – someone who can both function as a left-back and defensive player. But Danilo isn’t just limited to these roles as he also proved to be an efficient right-back fielder, making him a desirable acquisition for Manchester.

Now that the Danilo is on the team, he has to prove that the management made the right choice, considering that a £26.5 million is a high trade deal for his caliber. He also needs to adapt to the gameplay with the other new transfers to the team namely Bernardo Silva, Kyle Walker, and the new goalkeeper, Ederson Santana de Moraes.

With this, it also means that he needs to gain the newly acquired players’ trust, as well as the original players’.

Danilo from Real Madrid to Manchester City

Danilo says in one of his interviews that he is very happy to have finally transferred to Manchester City. The reason behind his extreme satisfaction is due to his fondness of playing for Pep Guardiola.

In the interview, Danilo states that since he started out his professional football career, it has always been his dream to play for Guardiola and the City. And since the news regarding Guardiola’s interest to pursue him has surfaced, Danilo immediately knew that it was his calling to be a City player.

After releasing Pablo Zabaleta, Bacary Sagna, and Gael Clichy from the team, Guardiola had been in a lookout for legit substitutes to the vacant roles. Danilo seems to fit the full-back positions, which is why it’s pretty clear that the City’s management made the right decision to get him.

The £26.5 million 5-year contract is surely big, but it’s still smaller compared to the £52 million offer for Benjamin Mendy by the team. It’s worth knowing that the City also pursued Dani Alves for £5 million.

However, the deals failed to push through as Paris Saint-Germain offered Alves twice the amount of the City’s offer. This proves that Manchester saved a lot of money in their acquisition of Danilo.

And it’s not just about the bucks because the Brazilian player is obviously worth more than £26.5 million, knowing that he’s a jack-of-all-trades kind-of-player. Take note that Danilo was offered £31.5 million by Real Madrid on 2015 for a 6-year contract.

Danilo has seven years of professional football experience, which is a very good thing as Manchester needs someone who has leadership skills. Having a total of 25 goals and 257 apps throughout his career, and playing for three different international teams, Danilo is surely a new valuable asset to the team.

Betting on Manchester City

Manchester City is currently ranked 3rd in the betting odds league table, having 78 points. Chelsea who’s at the spot rank has 93 points, while the second team has 86 points. Danilo together with the City will be facing the Brazilian player’s former team, Real Madrid on July 26 at L.A. Man City is the underdog with a +1.0 and 1.72, while the Spanish team has +1.0 and 3.50.

After it, the City will be facing Tottenham Hotspur on July 30. This time they are the favorites with -1.0 and 4.33 betting odds, while Tottenham has +1.0 and 1.57.

The third upcoming game will be on August 8 against Brighton & Hove Albion. The matchup puts the City as the favorites once more with -1.0 and 1.91, while Brighton has +1.0 and 3.30.

The trend of having Manchester City as the favorites is most likely to continue in the next games to follow. Let’s just hope that Danilo and the other star players in the team wouldn’t sustain any injuries.

It would also be better if his current right and left defender ratings of 7.31 and 7.44 would increase. If this happens, then the betting odds gap would be much greater putting Manchester City as the overwhelming favorites.

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11th September 2019

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