Interview with Arsene Wenger and his Last 2 Years with Arsenal

Arsene Wenger is one of a kind, especially when it comes to managers in the Premier League were they get sacked faster than in any other. Wenger has been managing Arsenal for 21 years, starting 1996 and has now renewed his contract for 2 years more with the probability of retirement after that now that he is over 70 years old. Arsene has won this privilege in the club for the “Invincibles” period, a winning time that included famed Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Gilberto Silva, Robert Pires and other legends. During that time in 2003/04 Arsenal won the Premier League without a single defeat. He managed to win for Arsenal 3 Premier Leagues and 7 FA Cups, but no international tournaments.

In an interview he gave to the media he talks about the prospect of retirement:

“I started this job at the age of 33 so I’ve done 35 years without having a stop at all. There’s no break; it’s 35 years of total focus and dedication to football life.”

“Why keep doing it? Because I love it. Because it’s a job where I think you can have a very positive influence: on people’s lives, on results, on the dimensions of a football club, on values – because I think first of all a club is about values, which we forget a lot today.”

“I feel on a mission to carry these values through for this club because I think this club is usually respected all over the world for its values and it carries through the generations.”

“The prospect of retiring is frightening. But even if it is frightening, I’m not too scared. I just want to do what I do as long as I think I can do it well and I have the motivation to do it. On that front, I have no doubt.”

“After, the day will come quickly, maybe not, but I am completely focused and completely committed.”

In the present, Arsenal fans seem to the divided with Arsene’s continuation with the club despite the fact their last biggest success was that of 2003/04 season, more than a decade ago. Their participation on the international competions have been poor and for this present season in the Premier League the team is well behind the first spots, despite recently winning the FA Cup once more. Should Wenger continue with Arsenal?

“I’m a guy that’s absolutely passionate and I think my family would agree that I’m stubborn as well.”

“There’s always a fine line between being stubborn and stupid but if you give up too quickly in life you do nothing well.”

“Persistence is an underrated quality. If you look at people who are successful, most of them have a consistent determination to do what they want and are ready to commit completely.”

Recent criticism from fans and media point out lack of commitment with the current squad, due to unforgiving defeats like the recent fall against Watford.

“It’s a nightmare what happens to a manager’s heart and head after defeat. It’s horrible and that doesn’t get better with age. But people think too many times that the players don’t care. Players want to be heroes, be stars, win every game…”

“I believe that they have (leadership qualities) and that’s at stake on Sunday. It’s what we have to show until the end of the season. We’re involved in many competitions. Every team has to deal with a bad result – it’s how you respond.”

“Football’s about the moment,” he says. “What looks unstoppable in October might not be the case in December. But that can only happen if other teams continue to believe in their quality.”

Arsene Wenger reign will continue for at least two more years, fans are hoping that at least one more Premier League Championship will be delivered before the reign ends. To keep up to date, click here for football matches today! With all the daily fixtures list, team’s odds and support the Gunners comeback to the winning streak.

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11th September 2019

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