Ian Wright´s recent declarations about the needs of the Manchester United as a team for the present season

Ian Wright has had a lot to say about Manchester United, specifically manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The ex-Arsenal legend has been heavily criticising the squad and the manager, as they seem to be showing no signs of improvements in recent performances. The Manchester United manager has now become one of the favourites to be the next Premier League manager sacked, you can find these odds on football betting sites at SBO.net.

Ian Wright has accused Ole Gunnar Solskjaer of only thinking about himself before the thoughts of Rashford, who came off injured in their home leg against Wolves in the FA Cup. Rashford was taken off the field against Norwich 4 days earlier as a precaution and started him on the bench against Wolves, but decided to bring him on, where he only lasted 16 minutes before being taken off injured in what turns out to be a double stress fracture in his back. Rashford is set to be out for 3 months, which is devastating news for United considering they don’t have any squad depth, especially upfront.

Solksjaer said after the match that his decision backfired, in which Ian Wright took to BBC Radio 5 Live, where he said “Solskjaer is under intense pressure to get United back where they were and he’s thought about himself before he thought about the player. Solskjaer has put himself above Marcus Rashford’s health. Now, one of their most promising and most important players is out and that has to come to the manager’s door”.

Despite the injury to Marcus Rashford, possibly their best player, they have brought in some new talent over the course of the January transfer window. They have signed Bruno Fernandes and Odion Ighalo, who signs for them on loan as a replacement for Rashford whilst he is injured.

The signing of Bruno Fernandes has really impressed the United fans and also other critics like Ian Wright, who has set a goal target for Fernandes to reach for Manchester United this season. The ex-footballer has stated that he thinks the Portuguese maestro can score 8 goals before the end of the season. The midfielder who signed for a fee of £46.6million, is well known for scoring goals, even as a midfielder. Wright has said that if he can do anything near what he was doing at Sporting, then he will have such a positive effect on United and help to improve their season, which is something that needs to happen considering the poor form and inconsistency they are currently going through.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did in fact hit back at the comments that the pundit made about his decisions, when he said that Ian knows nothing about monitoring a player’s injury. 

If the ex- Arsenal legend hadn’t already put worry to the new signing, saying that he may possibly encounter the same problems as Paul Pogba, with united having a poor attacking force. He believes that the problem is too big for Bruno to solve, but also that he needs to bring his excellent quality that he has shown, to the table, to push United further and possibly pick up some silverware, like the FA Cup or the Europa League

By admin 5th March 2020

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