How to Play Fantasy Basketball Like A Pro

It’s time for fantasy basketball season again! That means it’s the time for drafting picks and the chance of playing to win the glory and prize money. 

However, everyone knows that any betting game doesn’t only revolve around luck. With fantasy basketball, you’ll need to have smart strategies to pave your way for the winnings and dominate any opponent along the way. Moreover, it’s important to take tips from expert players and commissioners to give you the best edge. If you’re a newbie, preparation will focus your attention on the early-season, allowing you to win any odds.

Here are some effective strategies for achieving success with your fantasy league- straight from the professionals!

Understand Your Format

Just like in any fantasy sport, the league format can alter the game. It determines what categories are scored, which players are most valuable, and what players are eligible for each category or position. Keep in mind that a league’s format varies in between fantasy websites.

You should also get to know the league’s scoring system, player flexibility, roster construction, and if the website offers the late swap feature. Getting familiar with the site’s format will allow you to apply the best tips when creating your lineup and can help you set yourself apart from your opponents.

Thus, learn everything you can about the site where you’re playing NBA Fantasy. Most players neglect this primary step, leading to more than just losing. 

Keeper Leagues vs. Season-Long Leagues

A keeper league allows you to keep and choose players between seasons, while a season-long league comes to a close at the end of the season.

In season-leagues, you should consider drafting a player based on his current season. But for keeper leagues, you should also account his future performance. It makes more sense to draft a rookie and younger players in a keeper league over an older, established one as they pose more potential in improving between seasons.

Go Big on Point Guard or Go Home

With the abundance of young, exciting point guards in the NBA, this tip may sound counterintuitive. But, professional players know that this isn’t a crazy idea. 

Point guards will have the ball in their hands throughout the entire game. They also run the offense and have the best chance to score, get assists, and steals. Getting a quality point guard will give you the best opportunity and greater chance to score since this position will get a ton of minutes.

Choose Multi-Category Stat Players

In fantasy basketball, you won’t find players that can mark every single category in the box score. But, you can target players that have the most potential in contributing a fair share of points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals.

Draft at least one or two players who can take the game into the upper echelon and give your team the most potential to win without going overboard with the salary cap. It’s best to check their stats and previous gameplay to be able to identify these players.

List the Sleepers

If you want your team to have the best possible position to win the league, you’ll need to make the most of your draft. Get valuable players and avoid players who flop miserably.

The key is to list the potential fantasy sleepers that will give you a higher chance of taking the fantasy title before any draft. Sleepers refer to players who can surpass his average draft position in standard ESPN leagues for the season.

These players are brimming with potential, either due to talent and skills, playing time, or both. You can always reference and check an expert’s list or make your own. It will surely bring a difference to your draft picks.

Note the Injuries

You should also notice players that have previous injuries or those who are prone to get one. Ignoring the injuries will most likely lead to your team’s downfall, as most injuries will affect a player’s performance even if he had ample rest.

You can always get information regarding injured players on reliable fantasy betting sites, so do your best to follow and update yourself between seasons.

Remember Players on Terrible Teams

There are terrible teams in fantasy basketball, but that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the players playing for that team.

There are still players that have to put up stats on those teams. They might be that impressive, but they also have the potential as these players can score around 80 points per night. They are also more affordable than others, so you’ll be filling up your team with potentially good players without breaking the bank.


Expert players are called experts for a reason. They have achieved the ultimate goal of dominating every fantasy gameplay, so it’s best to take the tips and tricks above to give yourself the highest opportunity to win. Master these strategies, and you might be the next expert beating those odds.

By Rob 21st September 2020

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