Ethan Nwaneri: All You Need to Know About the Record-Breaking New Talent

Football is now more popular than ever. Despite being mired by controversy; the 2022 World Cup was a huge success. Close to 3.5 million spectators filled the stadiums, a significant boost from 2018’s 3 million. And for good reason. With 172 scored goals, the Qatar-hosted event became the highest scoring World Cup in FIFA history. 

The popularity of football has never been in question, however. Since the English wrote down the first official document in the 1800s, football has become the world’s favorite sport. Over 3 billion fans worldwide tune in to watch the latest games. 

Where football started is debatable. However, the rules for modern football were first drafted in England. Too many, England is the epicenter of football. So, it is unsurprising that the English Premier League is one of the most popular and internationally watched football leagues.

The Premier League and Talent

Fans from all over the world tune in to watch the top tier of English football. Some of the world’s most popular and successful clubs compete in the Premier League. From Manchester United to Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and more, the country is home to a lot of great clubs. 

Many of these clubs are lauded as the greatest in the world. Fans, and punters, follow their players, games, and internal politics, hoping to get more information, which could help them place better bets. As many already may know, football is the most popular betting sport in the world. 

Tons of popular UK-based bookmakers cover Premier League matches, as well as international matches, between these clubs. Online betting and gambling is on the rise. New punters are far more likely to look up a betting website than visit a land-based bookie. Therefore, it is unsurprising that these websites have grown in esteem. 

And, due to the Premier League’s popularity, it is unsurprising that English clubs are some of the most popular ones to follow on these websites. As of now. Arsenal is dominating the league. With 23 wins and only three losses, the London-based club is the most likely to win the 2022/23 iteration of the EPL.

When it comes to English teams, the Gunnars are the real deal. The club’s international and national career is incredibly bright. They’ve won several notable competitions, including the First Division/Premier League a total of 13 times. 

The latest Arsenal success story is Ethan Nwaneri, the 16-year-old midfielder who won the hearts of many a Gunnars fans. So, who is Ethan Nwaneri? In this article, we explore precisely that topic. 

Who is Ethan Nwaneri?

Ethan Chidiebere Nwaneri is the current young star, making a ruckus in the Emirates Stadium. At only 16-years-old, he is already playing as a midfielder for the professional team. Many a football analysts see Ethan Nwaneri as the next rising star of football, believing that he will be the next to break many of the Premier League’s most notable records.

Nwaneri has been a member of Arsenal since he was 9-years-old. He trained at the Arsenal Academy, and by 14 he was already playing for the U20 subsection of the club. In 2022/23, under the tutelage of Arsenal’s manager, Mikel Arteta, who many consider to be one of the best EPL managers today. 

However, Nwaneri career does not end at the club level. He also competed for the England U16 team, and currently competes for the under-17 team, playing mostly midfielder in both circumstances. It is worth noting that, just because Nwaneri feels most comfortable in the midfield position, it doesn’t mean that that is all there is to him. 

Nwaneri’s Style 

Thus far, Nwaneri has shined most when occupying the position of midfielder. However, sports analysts and Arsenal themselves have noted that the young man can competently take up any attacking position. Fans have noticed that the 16-year-old has an innate talent for receiving, which the Arsenal Academy has honed to perfection. On top of that, he is an excellent dribbler, who can outmaneuver some of the best of the best. 

All of these skills and talents come together, and allow Ethan Nwaneri to feel comfortable in both wide and central roles. On top of that, he has shown an ability to go on defense, and contribute significantly in that department. Because of this, Nwaneri has drawn comparisons to some of the football greats of the 21st century.

Nwaneri’s Talents

We discussed his style, but what are the talents Nwaneri has that contribute to his style? Apart from his immense talent for receiving the ball, Ethan is also an excellent dribbler. He has shown himself capable of going toe-to-toe with the best of them. 

Like notable midfielder and playmaker, Diego Maradona, Ethan Nwaneri also has shown a 20/20 vision. He implements his excellent vision to set his sight on the final pass, and assist Arsenal’s strikers with scoring a goal. 

Some have compared Ethan to Jack Wilshere, Arsenal’s current U18 head coach, and former midfielder who was quite the star in his own time. Many have said that Nwaneri has already surpassed Jack Wilshere, though some believe that statement is a bit premature at this point in time. 

The young man has only played in one season thus far. While it is true that his talent is immense, some believe he should be given room to nurture and grow the talent further. If given the opportunity, Nwaneri might just be one of the best midfielders of the next generation. 

Nwaneri’s Rise to Fame

According to Mikel Arteta, Ethan Nwaneri joined the pro team due to several injuries than players suffered. The original plan was to keep the young player benched throughout the tournament. However, after team captain, Martin Odegaard, suffered an injury mid-game, Arteta sent Ethan out on a “gut feeling.” 

These types of “gut feelings” are a staple of English Premier League football management. And while often times they don’t work out, in this case, Mikel Arteta helped propel the career of a very talented young man. Fans of Arsenal should certainly be grateful, and hope for a bright future for Ethan Nwaneri. 

By Rob 3rd April 2023

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